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Corporate Overview

Shanghai Industrial Holdings Limited (“SIHL”, HKSE Stock Code: 363) was incorporated in Hong Kong in January 1996, and on 30 May of the same year was listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. SIHL is a constituent stock of the MSCI China Index and Hang Seng Composite Index, and an eligible stock of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Connect. At the end of 2023, the company's total assets reached HK$179.3 billion.

Shanghai Industrial Holdings Limited, is the largest overseas conglomerate enterprise of Shanghai Industrial Investments (Holdings) Company Limited (“SIIC”). As the flagship in the SIIC group of companies, SIHL has been successful in leveraging its Shanghai advantage since listing, in terms of securing the best investment opportunities in mainland China with full support from the parent company.

Over 20 years’ development, SIHL has became a conglomerate company with four core businesses: infrastructure and environmental protection (including toll roads/bridge, and environmental protection related business such as sewage treatment and solid waste treatment business), comprehensive healthcare products, real estate and consumer products (including Nanyang Tobacco and Wing Fat Printing). SIHL will continue to raise its governance standard in order to create favourable returns and value for shareholders.

INFRASTRUCTURE AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION business mainly comprises toll roads/bridge, water services and investment in new business arenaToll roads/bridge: SIHL owns three toll roads in Shanghai including Jing-Hu Expressway (Shanghai Section), Hu-Kun Expressway (Shanghai Section) and Hu-Yu Expressway (Shanghai Section), as well as the Hangzhou Bay Bridge (SIHL accounted for its 23.0584% equity interests). They represent Shanghai's main traffic gateways in the north-west, south-west and west directions, and the bridge connects Shanghai and coastal cities in Zhejiang Province. Toll roads/bridge business have been delivering stable revenue and recurring cash flow to SIHL. Water services: SIHL's water services business consists of two operating platforms namely SIIC Environment (BHK SGX; 807 HKSE) dual listed in Singapore and Hong Kong and General Water of China, a domestic water services company in China. SIHL acquired 19.48% equity interests in Canvest Environmental (1381 HKSE) and 28.34% equity interests in SUS Environment in recent years to strengthen the overall development of the Company's solid waste business segment and in line with the Group’s business strategies to focus on environmental protection industryNew business arena: SIHL has actively explored the investments in new business areas to generate new profit growth drivers including photovoltaic power generation, offshore wind power and radiopharmaceuticals industry.

BIG HEALTH business, in October 2022, Shanghai S.I. Yangtze River Delta Ecological Development Co., Ltd., of which the Company indirectly holds a 50% equity stake, successfully acquired a 40% equity stake in Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group. Currently, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group holds 19.38% of A shares of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals (601607 SSE, 2607 HKSE), a company listed both in Shanghai and Hong Kong, which makes it the single largest shareholder of its A shares.

REAL ESTATE business comprises property development, investment properties and property management. Real Estate assets mainly include the Hong Kong-listed SI Urban Development (SIUD, 563 HKSE) and the Shanghai-listed SI Development (SID, 600748 SSE) located in Shanghai. Landbank resources cover the coastal region of eastern China, areas along the Yangtze River, the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Rim, as well as second- and third-tiered cities in central and western China. Capitalizing on the relatively low-cost land resources and prime-quality management and operations teams. The Company's real estate business has demonstrated considerable potential for appreciation and profitability.

CONSUMER PRODUCTS business comprises two premier companies -- Nanyang Tobacco and Wing Fat Printing -- both well established with long history, and excellent reputation and prominent position in the tobacco and printing/packaging market respectively. Nanyang Tobacco is the largest tobacco manufacturer and supplier in Hong Kong with a diversified product line. Its manufacturing facilities located in Hong Kong and its products sold to 80 countries and regions globally. Wing Fat Printing is one of the largest printing companies in Hong Kong featuring paper-based printing and packaging, paper packaging materials supply and related ancillary services and design services. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Wing Fat's business operations cover Hong Kong and a number of provinces in the mainland. The company provides printing services for cigarette packaging, wine packaging and high-end moulded fiber products business. The consumer products sector continued to provide steady earnings and cash flow for SIHL.